Canadese ISBN-bank per 1 augustus 2007
Once their account is active, publisher clients may access CISS online at any time to view their ISBN logbook, enter and edit data describing their publication, and receive their next ISBN. They may also view and edit their company profile, generate a report on their account, change contact information, and edit item descriptions.

The Canadian ISBN Service System (CISS) is a new free online service allowing publishers to manage their ISBN logbooks, to assign ISBNs in real time to future publications, and to modify information about publications as more become available.

Before you join CISS, you will need to complete the Permissions Form/Waiver Agreement.

This permits Library and Archives Canada to reuse publisher information and item descriptions in other LAC online databases and publisher services, including the Canadian ISBN Publishers Directory, Cataloguing-in-Publication (CIP), the online catalogue of publications (AMICUS) and Legal Deposit.










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